Frequently Asked Questions
Pone is a free to download app from the App store or Google Play.
Pone to Pone calling (when you call someone who also has the Pone app installed on their device) is free. Calling other numbers is not free however it is incredibly cheap thanks to Pone’s low rates.
Pone is available on all windows, tablet, android and IOS devices.
After downloading the app, once you open it for the first time you will be prompted to enter your phone number into a space. After this is completed we will send an sms verification code to that number which you will enter on the screen. Once the code is accepted you will be taken to the app’s main page and can begin using Pone.
Yes! Pone is ideal for calling abroad because its free if who you're calling also has Pone, its at a very low rate if they don't have Pone, and if someone who doesn't have Pone calls you on your Pone number, you earn free credit.
All you have to do is be called on your Pone number by someone who isn't using Pone, the longer the call the more free credit you will receive.
You can make payments using Paypal, Debit or Credit cards via the app or through the website.
You can contact our live support during office hours or fill out a mail form outlining the nature of the issue and we will resolve the issue as fast as possible.
To call someone over Pone all you have to do is enter the app go to the contacts section select a contact you want to call and then press the call button.
There is no limit to the amount of calls you make as long as you have enough call credit. Remember if you're calling Pone to Pone it’s free.
It has the lowest rates for international calling and on certain calls you can utilise the “earn as you talk” feature to earn credit when you're on the phone.
You can access your purchase history and many other things by logging in and going on the “Account” tab on all devices.
Pone contains many features such as: Calling, Instant Messaging, Earn as you talk, Low international rates and DID’s.
Direct inward dialing numbers (DIDs) are virtual numbers that allow you to route calls to your existing telephone lines. What does this mean for you? Let’s say that you live in Germany but have a lot of people you call and that call you in the USA. You can purchase a mobile or landline DID for the USA (USA phone number) this will mean that when people from the USA call you on that number they will pay domestic rates and you will be able to call them on that number without incurring them any extra fee.
You can purchase a DID number through the App just go to your Account where you will find a “DID” tab, on this you can purchase erase and manage your separate DID numbers.
Pone allows its users a maximum of 10 DID numbers for use.
The cost of each DID number depends on the location and whether it is a landline or mobile number. DID numbers are paid for on a monthly basis.
DID numbers are charged monthly on a recurring basis. Once you delete a DID any monthly payment for it will be cancelled.
A primary DID is the number that you make outbound calls with when using Pone (If you have not selected one your default primary DID will be your Pone number). To select a primary DID you have to go Settings>Account>DID on this page you can manage your existing DID’s and purchase new ones. Your primary DID will have a tick next to it, you can change which DID you want as your primary by entering another DID and selecting make primary DID.
If we do not have DID’s for a certain country please contact us and we’ll see if we can add DID’s from that country to our list. However in some cases it is regrettably not possible.
Privacy and security are very important to Pone that’s why we use the most sophisticated encryption and only work with verified vendors when processing your personal and payment information.
No. Pone requires at least a low level internet connection.
You can call any number in any country when using Pone.
No, when you download the app it will recognise your number and reactivate your account with any credit you had left.
You can always recover your account, however after a certain amount of inactivity you will lose your DID numbers.
No you don't have to do a single thing, Pone will automatically synchronise all your contacts on any Pone device (as long as you give the app permission).
No, in order to utilise Pone’s instant messaging function it must be between you and other Pone users.
You can resend the code by clicking the “resend” button on the verification screen. If the verification code is still not delivered you can contact our support team who will be more than happy to help.
Yes, you can access your profile and edit your information (profile picture, status message etc) by going to Settings> Account> Profile
In order access the live chat support feature you have to go to Settings>Help>Contact us once on contact us you will be sent directly to a live chat with one of our professional support staff. (Please note: live chat is not available 24/7, if there is no support staff available you will be directed to a mail form which you can fill out detailing the issue you're having and we will respond as soon as possible.
Pone includes many features of similar apps such as free messaging, and calling between users, what sets Pone apart is that you can make and accept calls from non-users at our incredibly low rates both internationally and domestically.
No. Pone is an add free application.
When auto top-up is enabled anytime your credit drops below a certain threshold Pone will automatically top-up your account for you so you will never run out of credit. To enable auto-top up you must go to Settings>Account>Top-up once on this page you can choose to turn Auto top-up on or off.
Yes, you can avoid expensive roaming charges by using Pone while in another country. (We recommend you use Wi-Fi while abroad because carriers can charge a lot for data roaming)
Couldn't find the answer to your question? Try our live support or contact us via email with an explanation of your problem and we’ll resolve it as soon as possible.